Delta Toolbox Keys and Parts

Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc.

We do not carry replacement keys or parts for Delta toolboxes, but you can obtain replacement keys and parts directly from the from Delta.  The information below will show you how to contact Delta to get these items.

Replacement Keys and Parts

Please Print And Save This Form

In the event you need to obtain Replacement Parts, we will need the Model Number of your product. Please locate the Model Number of you product and list it in the space below.

Model No. _______________________________

Date Purchased __________________________


Our products are shipped with two keys. We have hundreds of different locks and key patterns to fit the locks. The Key Code for the key to fit the lock(s) for your product is stamped on the key and on the cover of the key entry slot of the lock.

You will need this Key Code to obtain additional or replacement keys. Write the Key Code in the space below for future reference.

Key Code _______________________________

Gas Spring Lid Lifts
Many of our products have one or two Gas Spring Lid Lifts to assist with opening and closing the lid.

To obtain a replacement Gas Spring Lid Lift(s) used on your product, we will need the Model Number that appears on a label on the barrel of the Gas Spring. Please locate the code on the Gas Spring and write it in the space below for future reference.

Gas Spring Lid Lift Model No. ________________

To Obtain Keys, Gas Spring Lid Lifts and Other Replacement Parts
Contact our Customer Service Department at 800-643-0084 and Press 1 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central time. Monday - Friday. Or, by email at

To help us serve you, please have the above information available. We will need a street address to send you the item(s) you request.

Order for Keys, Gas Spring Lid Lifts and other Replacement Parts are normally shipped within two business days.

Prices for Parts do not include shipping charges and are subject to applicable taxes.
You can send a money order or personal check for parts orders. COD shipments not available.

We also accept MasterCard and Visa information only by phone. Do not send Credit Card information by email for your protection.